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High-Vis packaging

The care we take

We take pride in the functionality of our product, but design and quality packaging has taken years to perfect, and we're happy to inform you that they are up and ready to go.


All ComfortTrim Comes prepackaged right out of the box.

When you buy a case of anything, the main thing store-owners are worried about is stocking and making the item presentable. Well we have you covered. At ComfortTrim, the pairs you buy will be ready to hang or store the second you pull them out of the box, making it on less hassle you have to deal with.

Packaging design

Eye catching product/packaging

Once again, years of research later we found that customers love to see the product in use. Our mascot (as you may have seen on our website already) is front and center for everyone to see. But don't worry, pictures of features, real life use, and instructions for use are al right on the back.

Hanging hook

The easiest way to display your pairs.

Through extensive research, we found the best way to sell our product is to have it hanging on the wall next to all of your trimming equipment. Every pair of ComfortTrim you receive will have a handy-dandy hook on it, Making it ready to put up as soon as you get them.

Marketing our product

We provide tools for marketing in your store

With every pair you intend to sell, we provide a 5x7 inch information sheet that goes over all of the features our product provides, as well as our companies contact information. We also will put out a social media post for every retail provider that sells our product on all of our social media pages, and put put an email blast for users of our website.

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