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We are changing the game.

Municipalities are the biggest benefiters from our product. ComfortTrim allows your employees to wear shorts while working in the summer heat, keeping them cool all day long. We know how important safety is to you and your crew, and our patented design is the best alternative in available anywhere. We ensure that our product is made with the highest quality so that durability is never a worry. But if you don't want to hear it from us, hear it from our most loyal customer, Charlie Millard of the Sandy Utah Parks Dept.

ComfortTrim Testimonial - Charlie Millard, Sandy Utah City park Superintendent.

"Sandy City has been using the shin guards from Comfort Trim for one season now. Before we started using the shin guards it was required for all employees to wear long pants because of the equipment we are using in the field."


"We changed our uniform policy to long pants or shorts. If our employees are using certain equipment like edgers, or string trimmers, they are required to put on the Comfort Trim Shin Guards that we have provided."

"Since we have started using this product there has not been any reported injuries related to debris striking anyone’s shins and the employees love having the option to wear shorts and put on shin guards during equipment operation as part of their personal protective equipment"

-Charlie Millard

Sandy City Parks Superintendent

Changing safety, 1 city dress code at a time.

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Troy (inventor) - (620) 640-2970

Trasyn (CMO) - (620) 290-0756



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